Top-line Data From The Matrx-1 Study Are Expected In December 2016.

The information on the potential causes and treatment methods will be helpful to you. If you have recently developed this problem and experience it frequently, it is wise to have the condition diagnosed immediately before it worsens. Closed angle glaucoma is associated with the blockage present at the iris and cornea joint. In this condition, the eyes do not produce the normal amount of tears or even if the tears are produced, they evaporate very quickly. A variety of herbs can help in this area. Corneal ulcer occurs due to an infection or abrasion of the eyeball. Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only and does not, in any way, seek to replace the advice of an expert. Primary congenital glaucoma: By birth, some people have internal damage to the eye which causes glaucoma. It is a much serious condition when it occurs in older people, since the immune system takes a back seat as we age. Paprika also contains the highest concentration of the nutrient that are rich in vitamin A, like cayenne pepper, basil, oregano, chervil, sage, dill weed, savoury, thyme and bilberry.

Elevated GOP can also occur due to inadequate drainage or excessive aqueous fluid production. The levels of severity due to this pressure are different in every case of glaucoma which, when left untreated, usually leads to vision problems. Never take any kind of eye disorder lightly. You can even soak a bag of Chamomile tea in cool water and apply it as a cool compress over the dog’s eyes for a few minutes. Individuals who have high GOP need to administer eye drops that help lower the eye pressure, thereby lowering the risk of impaired vision or tunnel vision. Along with photo phobia, one can also observe an enlargement of the eye due to an increase in eye pressure, watery or hazy eye, and squint or jerking eye movements. Marijuana used for the treatment of different medical conditions under the prescription of a qualified physician, is referred to as medical marijuana. Thirdly, papilledema can also cause loss of peripheral vision. Primary congenital glaucoma: By birth, some people have internal damage to the eye which causes glaucoma. In some cases, doctors recommend certain eye exercises and aerobic exercises for the improving flow of blood to the retina which in turn reduces the pressure.

Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corp. (ITEK) has completed the recruitment phase of MATrX-1, the first pivotal phase III trial of trabodenoson for the treatment of glaucoma. The study is designed to enroll about 335 patients suffering from primary open angle glaucoma, and its primary endpoint is reduction of intraocular pressure compared to the placebo treatment arm. Top-line data from the MATrX-1 study are expected in December 2016. ITEK closed Wednesday’s trading 2.29% lower at $6.83. Therapeutics Inc.’s (INSY) phase III trial for Buprenorphine Sublingual Spray met its primary endpoint of Summed Pain Intensity Difference in subjects with moderate to severe postoperative pain after bunionectomy. Caused By A Virus, Like The Common Cold.The company will be discussing the phase III results with the FDA by the end of the year and take subsequent next steps towards filing a New Drug Application. INSY closed Wednesday’s trading at $15.70, down 4.09%. (NYMX) surged more than 83% on Wednesday, following successful results from a long-term crossover study with Fexapotide, the company’s key compound in late stage development for enlarged prostate and for localized prostate cancer.

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